• What is Morgan aiming for?

    A sustainable industry

    We provide common rules and regulations that supports and develops a sustainable environment for the market.

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  • What is Morgan's contribution?


    Morgan contributes with knowledge about what the mobile industry needs and has interest of, e.g, mobile payments and legislation.

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  • What is Morgan's offer?

    Inspiration and networking

    We give our members with the opportunity to meet and network with the best of our industry to grow our collective knowledge as well as spread inspiration.

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  • What does our members do?

    Most of our members provide service within SMS-messaging

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About Morgan

Connects the Actors on the Swedish Mobile Content Market

Morgan provides common rules for the mobile industry and works actively to assist new startups and spread knowledge about the how the industry works.

Organizing events is one of Morgan’s main features. Events with different concurrent topics takes place about three or four times a year. Main focus of all our events are seminars, workshops and networking.


Our most important rules

Code of Conduct – A2P-Messaging


Code of Conduct – Carrier Billing


Rules and regulations

Our focus areas

These are our three main focus areas


We focus on seminars, workshop and networking

Rules and regulations

We have rules for how mobile content services are sold and business ethics that all our members have consented to


Our members make sure that the mobile industry of Sweden grows, develops and matures.


Through meetings we connect and spread inspiration as well as knowledge in the industry

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Different types of services for SMS

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS (A2P – Messaging) means when a company sends a large amount of SMS to a target group or to individuals. For example notification of a package or a reminder of a doctor’s visit.

Members providing Bulk SMS

Premium SMS

Premium SMS (charging SMS/Carrier Billing) means when a content provider offers a service via SMS and charges for this service.

Members providing Premium SMS