Industry organization MORGAN is a professional network for organisations working to develop and enable mobile content services in Sweden. Together we work to deepen knowledge, regulate the market, and give each of our members a better opportunity to shape the future in our field.

Morgan defines the services:

Bulk SMS (A2P – Messaging) means when a company send a large amount of SMS to a target group or to individuals. For example notification of a package or a reminder of a doctor´s visit.

Premium SMS (charging SMS/Carrier Billing) means when a content provider offers a service via SMS and charges for this service.

Industry organization MORGAN is a gathering of companies active in and around the Swedish mobile service industry. Our members are found within the content, entertainment, media and corporate sector. Our purpose is to act on behalf on our member to raise the interest in mobility in media and to potential customers and consumers, as well as being a communication mediator between the players in the industry.


MORGAN will act to create a fair and interesting market for all the players in the mobile value chain. By doing so both companies and consumers can benefit from value added and entertaining services. A membership in MORGAN also gives your company a stamp showing that you are complying with fair, ethical and commercially correct regulations.

How we work in MORGAN

The work at MORGAN is mostly done in different working groups gathered on initiatives from the members. These groups argue for both short and long term issues with a clear goal to be proactive and to drive industry development in the right direction. Morgan also serves as a discussion partner for the industry and a body to which regulatory authorities can turn to for input on a proposed measure prior to being considered by the government.

Questions that have been discussed recently are related to technical standards, business model and regulations, among others.

As a member in MORGAN you and your company can participate actively in the future development of the mobile service industry:

  • Your company and you can influence the development of the industry
  • You have the possibility to ask questions through the umbrella of MORGAN and via all the members’ network contacts.
  • You get first hand information from operators and relevant public authorities.
  • You get access to the most important network within the mobile Sweden and therefore get contact with decision makers within the leading players in the industry like the music producers, operators, media agencies, game manufactures, applications developers, media, hardware manufactures, etc.