LINK Mobility Sweden AB

We are Europe’s leading and fastest growing provider of mobile communications and mobile services for businesses. We strongly believe in developing the interaction between companies and consumers through engaging customer communication.
Across industries, we offer a wide range of innovative and scalable mobile services, creating valuable digital convergence between businesses and customers, platforms, and users. As a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider, we make mobile interaction and modern conversation easy. Including all aspects of mobile communications, we provide fast, global, and personalized messaging as a key driver in the business-customer dialogue of today.
It’s never been easier to boost customer engagement! With LINK, you can globally scale your customer communications on their preferred channels such as SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Email, and more.

Kontaktperson: Robin Jonsson
Kontakttelefon: +46 73-259 40 79
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